Terms and Conditions

  1. Acceptance of terms and conditions
    • By booking, or by attendance at a swimming lesson with us, you accept these terms and conditions and they will form a contract between us.
    • You will ensure that any children that you bring to the swimming pool will follow the rules set out in these terms and conditions.
    • Should a customer fail to adhere to these terms and conditions, then the customer may be requested to cease lessons with Chester Swim School.
    • We reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time. You will be notified of changes by email.
  2. Booking
    • Swimmers will be entitled to one free trial/assessment lesson at the discretion of Chester Swim School.
    • To book lessons with Chester Swim School you must complete an online booking form and a direct debit mandate. These will be sent via a booking email from Chester Swim School. A swimming place is not reserved until both the booking form and mandate are submitted.
    • Chester Swim School lessons run throughout the year with a total of 6 weeks holiday. 2 weeks at Easter, 2 weeks at summer and 2 weeks at Christmas.  You will be notified of the exact dates by email.  Dates are subject to change at the discretion of Chester Swim School.
  1. Payment
    • All lessons must be paid for using our online direct debit system, GoCardless.
    • Lessons are paid for monthly in advance.
    • Any payments more than 14 days overdue may result in your place no longer being held.
    • The fee for your lesson(s) will be confirmed at the point of booking.
  1. Pool closures and cancellation
    • In the event of a pool closure or lesson cancellation, you will be contacted via email and text message as soon as possible. Please note that we can only make contact if the correct contact details are given on the booking form.
    • Chester Swim School will issue a credit on your account for any lessons cancelled by us.
  1. Cancelling your lessons
    • Should you wish to cancel your swimming lessons we require 4 weeks’ notice of cancellation.
    • All cancellations should be made by email to info@chesterswimschool.co.uk
  1. Illness and medical conditions
    • If your child is feeling unwell, we recommend that you do not bring them to their swimming lesson.
    • Children with a contagious illness should not attend swimming for a period of 48 hours after the symptoms have passed.
    • Should your child appear to be ill during a lesson, we reserve the right to cancel their lesson.
    • Chester Swim School are unable to offer refunds for lessons missed due to illness or any other reason.
    • You must inform us of any medical conditions when completing the booking form. Any new conditions that may affect your child when swimming, should be made known to Chester Swim School via email info@chesterswimschool.co.uk.
  1. Teaching policies, procedures and parental responsibilities
    • All Chester Swim School lessons are taught by teachers with suitable qualifications. All teachers have undergone an enhanced DBS check.
    • In the event that a teacher is unable to attend a lesson, we will endeavour to find a cover teacher.
    • In the event that a teacher is unable to teach at extremely short notice, we reserve the right to join classes if appropriate in order to avoid some swimmers missing a lesson. Classes would not be joined if this results in the class size being exceeded as per the Swimming Teachers Association guidelines.
    • While we try to provide a consistent teacher for each class, we cannot always guarantee that you child will have the same swimming teacher each week.
    • Swimming teachers are only responsible for pupils during their swimming lesson and parents/carers are responsible at all other times. The swimming lesson begins when the swimming teacher accepts charge of pupils and ends when the lesson time finishes.
    • Parents/carers must remain on the premises while the pupil is in their lesson. This is imperative in case of the unlikely event of a medical emergency, building evacuation or other emergency situation.
    • Parents/carers must not distract a swimming teacher during lesson time. Parents can speak with teachers briefly at the end of each lesson.  Longer discussions can be requested by emailing info@chesterswimschool.co.uk.
  1. General pool rules/dress code
    • It is advised that swimmers must shower, use the toilet, and blow their nose before the lesson begins.
    • Shoes must not be worn on poolside by swimmers or parents/carers.
    • Swimmers must either tie back long hair or wear a suitable swimming cap.
    • Children may wear swimming goggles if they choose too. Teachers may sometimes request goggles to be removed during lifesaving activities.
    • Swimmers and parents/carers should not enter poolside until 2 minutes before the start of their lesson time.
    • Swimmers should not enter the water until invited to do so by their swimming teacher.
    • Swimmers must leave the pool as soon as the teacher has ended the lesson.
    • Under no circumstance should anyone run on poolside.
    • Safety of our swimmers is paramount, anyone unknown to Chester Swim School who cannot reasonable identify themselves and giving cause for concern in relation to safety, will be asked to leave the premises.
  1. Pupil progression and badges
    • All swimmers are taught and assessed in line with the Swimming Teachers Association Award System.
    • Swimming teachers will continually assess pupil progress. We will have two assessment windows in the year, one during summer and one at Christmas.  Swimmers will be made aware of the assessment windows in their lessons.
    • At each assessment window every swimmer will be awarded with one badge. This will be the highest badge they can achieve.  In the instance where a swimmer is between stages we will award either a distance badge or a well-done badge.
    • All badges issued during the assessment window are free of charge.
    • Progression of swimmers will be at the discretion of the teacher.
    • When a swimmer completes all of the badges in a class, Chester Swim School will contact parents/carers to discuss your child moving up a class. This can happen at any time during the year and not just during assessment windows.
    • Due the continuous progressive nature of our lessons, a space may not be immediately available when your child needs to move up. In this instance they will be given the next available space in a suitable class.
  1. Missed lessons
    • Chester Swim School would appreciate it if you could notify us if your child is going to be absent.
    • We are unable to offer a refund for a lesson that is missed for any reason.
    • We are unable to offer replacement lessons as this could result in our maximum class sizes being exceeded.
  1. Grievances
    • Any grievances with Chester Swim School or any if it’s staff should be made in writing as soon as possible to info@chesterswimschool.co.uk.